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Tax planning doesn’t end on April 15th. Let one of our Tax-Wise Retirement Guides show you why. Click below to get paired with your best match.

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Why Work With A Tax-Wise Retirement Guide?

  • Hand Selected (Best of the Best) – Our reputation rides on who we recommend. Every Tax-Wise Retirement Guide has proven their competence. We have worked hand in hand with their clients and see the value they deliver. We’d send our moms to them.
  • 1-1 Partnership – By partnering with a Tax-Wise Retirement Guide you can build a trusting relationship with a pro who is ready to teach and serve you.
  • They Have Your Back – Google can give you the tax code, but you have better things to do. When you envision your ideal retirement we are confident it doesn’t include interpreting tax doe. Hit the easy button and let a Tax-Wise Retirement Guide do the lifting for you.
  • Your Tax Return is a Step, Not the Finish Line – Your Tax-Wise Retirement Guide can take your annual “report card” to the IRS and help you with the action plan to not get killed on taxes. Being proactive can mean sanding off the rough edges of your lifetime tax bill.

Are You Ready To Focus On What You Want, Instead Of Worrying About Your Taxes?

Get Paired With The Right Tax-Wise Retirement Guide For You

What Your Tax-Wise Retirement Guide Does For You:

  • Creates a proactive framework to reduce your lifetime income tax liability.
  • Understands the relationship between your retirement income and your income taxes.
  • Implement the latest retirement income strategies.
  • Helps you maximize your retirement income without getting killed in taxes.
  • Stays up to date on tax changes so you don’t have to.
  • Helps you navigate the taxes on life changes and important IRS “birthdays”
  • Coordinates the preparation of your tax return and annual filing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

(And Answers)

If you choose to share your information, someone from Retirement Tax Services will contact you within 1-2 business days to introduce you to a Tax-Wise Retirement Guide and help set up an appointment for you to interview them. Then, you can simply choose the Tax-Wise Retirement Guide you want to work with.

Nothing, zilch, nada. Retirement Tax connects you with a Tax-Wise Retirement Guide for free.

That said, if you choose to work with a Tax-Wise Retirement Guide, they’ll charge a fee to serve you—just like any other investment professional would. This payment arrangement is directly between you and the Tax-Wise Retirement Guide. They’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Each Tax-Wise Retirement Guide is already working with Retirement Tax Services to serve many of their clients. The Retirement Tax Services Team (including Steven) have a front row seat to see the work our Guides are doing to feel confident to recommend them to you. As a member of Retirement Tax Services, our Guides have access to the latest education and resources specifically for Financial Advisors to make sure they are up to date on all things taxes.

Could you wing it on your own. Sure. But what could you be missing out on by not working with a Tax-Wise Retirement Guide?

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